Completed projects by European Floors, where quality wood floors deserve quality installation

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Oak 3 Strip at Xero office
Oak 3 Strip @ Xero
Merbau 3 Strip
Karelia Oak Country 2 Strip
Oak Country
Karelia Wenge 3 Strip
Wenge 3 strip @ Williment Travel
Karelia Oak Nature Full Plank
Oak Nature
Floor scribed around post brackets
Oak 3 Strip Glued Down
Steps and side cladding
Oak 3 Strip @ Xero
Mitered wall and lintel
Oak 3 Strip
Xero breakout area
Curved to wall
Curved Floor Glued Down
Curved to glass doors
Curved Wall/Floor Transition
Oak Country Plank
Oak Country
Oak Country
Oak Country
Oak Arctic Oiled
3 Strip Oak Natural
Oak Natural 3 Strip