Karelia Full Plank Floors


Karelia full plank floors are engineered wood floors manufactured in Scandinavia. An engineered timber floor is made out of several layers of timber. The top layer is the actual ‘wear-layer’ you use once installed. The key advantage as opposed to solid timber, is that these cross-glued layers of timber make Karelia more stable.

The flooring comes pre-finished, that means the finish has already been applied in the factory. There is no sanding, dust, fumes or waiting for polyurethane to dry after Karelia has been installed. Once installed, you can walk on it straight away! Karelia can be re-sanded up to three times and carries a 30 year residential warranty.

All timbers Karelia uses are from sustainable sources (PEFC certified) and are suitable for underfloor heating.

Full planks are either 138mm or 188 wide, click on the images below:


Please note: subject to stock availability and sold in full boxes only, rounded up. A freight charge also applies.

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