Royal Plank and Herringbone Unfinished

Royal Plank

The Royal Plank product is an engineered wood floor. Some have a lightly brushed unfinished top. Others have a smooth unfinished finish. This means you can add a finish of your choice. Whether it be a varnish or an oil, a colour or a wax, it is all possible! This product is therefore ideal to match existing features, furniture or furnishings.

Unlike solid boards, they do not have to be acclimatised for weeks, due to the plywood layers of the board.

Royal Plank is an European Oak, is designed for underfloor heating and carries a 20 year warranty.

The board is 15mm thick and 220mm wide.

There are two grades: feature and clear.  The feature grade displays knots and cracks (all filled), where the clear grade has occasional knots (also all filled).  

NEW: Herringbone (unfinished) 120x600mm. This design is ideal for the classic interior. Fineline engineered boards are still available, but stock is limited. Fineline boards are made up of small sections of Beach on a ply backing (see photo)


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Fineline 189x15mm AS LONG AS STOCK LASTS
Herringbone 120x600mm
Royal Plank with a dark brown finish
Royal Plank clear grade with a Dark Walnut Stain finish
RP 220 Nature brown oil
Royal Plank clear grade with a Nature Brown oil finish
RP 220 with Nature Bona Antique Brown
Royal Plank 220mm clear grade with a Nature Bona Antique Brown finish

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